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transformer guide
transformer guide

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Transformer Specification Guide for Acme Electric

The following spec sheets cover Acme's line of single and three phase, encapsulated and air cooled dry type distribution transformers. They are intended for use with engineering submittals. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the factory.

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Single and Three Phase Encapsulated Transformers

1.0 Dry Type transformers:

1.0.1 Provide dry type, enclosed, epoxy encapsulated transformers as indicated and specified herein. Transformers must be Acme Transformer or approved equal.

1.0.2 Transformers must be designed, constructed and rated in accordance with UL, CSA, NEMA, ANSI, IEEE, and OSHA standards.

1.0.3 Transformers 3.0 - 75 KVA shall be compound filled, incorporating a 180 degree C insulation system and designed not to exceed a 115 degree C temperature rise above a 40 degree C ambient under full load conditions. Taps are to be provided on the primary side of the transformer. The catalog number suffix will provide the tap information outlined below:

Suffix - Tap Arrangement

1S: 2-5% BNFC

2S: 1-5% ANFC & 1-5% BNFC

3S: 2-2 1/2% ANFC & 4 2 1/2% BNFC

4S: 2-2 1/2% ANFC & 2-2 1/2% BNFC

1.0.4 Transformer enclosure finish must be ASA 61 gray powder polyurethane paint.

1.0.5 Transformer enclosure temperature shall not exceed 65 degrees C plus the ambient.

1.0.6 Transformer enclosure shall be UL/NEMA Type 3R and so marked on the transformer.

1.0.7 Transformer shall incorporate an electrostatic shield for the attenuation of voltage spikes, fine noise and transients.

1.0.8 Transformer coils above 5 KVA must be wound with aluminum strip conductors for increased insulation life, cooler operation and lower losses.

1.0.9 All primary tap connections and both primary and secondary phase conductors must be either copper wire or copper bus bar.

1.0.10 Transformers must operate at audible sound levels below ANSI/NEMA Standard C89.2. Sound levels will not exceed the following:

Up to 9 KVA: 40 db

10 - 50 KVA: 45 db

51 - 150 KVA: 50 db

1.0.11 Transformer enclosures shall be grounded per the National Electric Code.

1.0.12 Complete shop drawings must be submitted for approval on all Dry Type Transformers.

1.0.13 Typical performance data must be submitted for approval on all transformers. Factory tests must be made in accordance with the latest revisions of ANSI Test Code C57.12.91 for Dry Type Transformers. Performance data must contain but not be limited to:

(a) No load losses.

(b) Full load losses.

(c) Polarity and phase rotation.

(d) Impedance at reference temperature.

(e) Efficiencies at 25, 75, and 100% load.

(f) Regulation at 100% and 80% power factor.

(g) Audible sound level.

(h) Insulation class and rated temperature rise.

(i) Dimensions and weight.

(j) Applied potential test.

(k) Induced potential test.

(l) Excitation current.

(m) IR IX, and IZ percentages.

(n) Reference and ambient temperature.

1.0.14 Warranty. Transformer must be warranted against defects in materials, workmanship and performance for ten years from date of manufacture.

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